About Us

Overview of Indian Textile Market

Textile Industry is one of the oldest and largest contributors of India’s export market with a share of 13 % of total export. As one of the leading industries of India, it is also among the leading employers with more than 65 Million direct and indirect employers. This industry is expected to reach to USD 230 billion by 2020, which is at 120 billion now, contributing to around 2 % of India’s total GDP. Despite of having such a huge potential this market is still largely unorganized.
Data Source – India Brand Equity Foundation

Ecomtextile – A brainchild of Industry Veterans

Ecomtextile is one of its kind textile platforms in India, where buyers and suppliers meet for fair trade of yarn, fibre and textile fabrics. The aim of developing this platform is to organize this huge textile industry and bringing all the leading market players at one platform. It is a marketplace for both buyers and suppliers to connect easily by eliminating geographical boundaries. A textile buyer of North India can buy yarn from a supplier of South India without any hassles. We take care of the quality standards by assigning manual quality check process. Our aim is to develop a fair trade market brining the entire industry at one single platform and enabling trade easily.

Benefits of the Buyers

  • Buyers can find multiple vendors for their yarn and textile supply
  • It will develop a competition which will benefit the buyers
  • No need to fall in process of quality check and other manual processes
  • Manufacture can focus on his process leaving the sourcing of raw material
  • We ensure quality, prices and delivery of the yarn

Benefits of the Suppliers

  • Can focus on manufacturing yarn / textile rather than finding buyers
  • Quality yarn / textile can find buyers from all across India
  • No need to set up a separate marketing team, finding buyers at ease
  • 100 % secured and timely payments

Our Vision

We have to vision to use technology to build a robust textile marketplace for buyers and suppliers providing them the ease of doing business in India. We have a vision to enable this unorganized sector by technology and revolutionizing the market. It will enable the quality manufacturers to grow and flourish eliminating the challenges of connectivity and trust.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower this huge industry with Digital India Initiative brining all levels of suppliers at one platform and helping them having buyers from all over the country eliminating the challenges of geographical boundaries. We aim to enable this market place to find new buyers of the suppliers and provide buyers an easy and transparent access to yarns at best prices.

Our Values

Our values define our fundamental beliefs and guide us in all our steps, actions and behavior towards people, organizations and industry. Our values are the main pillars of our organization as they influence the way operate, work and engage in our community.

  • Enabling Technology
  • Team Work & Dedication
  • People First Approach
  • Integrity and Respect